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Klaasimeister has one of the widest glass processing capacities in the Nordic and Baltic region. Our services include: production of insulated glass units, cutting, heat treatment, laminating, roller-coating, silk printing, digital printing, processing in a variety of sizes – including jumbo size. We also provide consultation on designing glass solutions and logistics. You can read about our processing capacity and services in more detail below.

Insulated glass units

We are working on two assembly lines - producing double, triple and quadruple insulated glass units (IGU) with various...

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We work on three cutting lines for regular float, and one line for laminated glass cutting. Automatic optimization and edge...

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Heat treatment

The heat-treatment process consists of heating the glass beyond its softening point (over 600°C) and then cooling it down, thus...

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Laminating includes assembling at least two sheets of glass using an extremely tough transparent interlayer of Polyvinyl Butyral...

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Our CNC processing and edge treatment methods include the following: Cutting and edge treatment, incl. shaped edges...

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Roller coating

Roller coating (enamelled glass) is mostly used in spandrel areas and can be done either on clear, tinted or solar protection...

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Silk printing

Silk printing can be done either on clear, tinted or solar protection glass. In addition to a variety of standard colours,...

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Digital printing

We use Dip-Tech digital in-glass printing solutions that combine the best of two worlds: digital printing versatility and...

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We provide consultation for architects, designers, project managers and contractors on glass solutions, processing...

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