AS Klaasimeister operating area is producing building materials. Main activity is glass processing:
  • cutting – float (sheet) glass, laminated glass, fire protect glass

  • processings– edge treatments, hole drillings, CNC works

  • heat treatment: tempering and heat strengthening; Heat Soak Test – thicknesses 4-15 mm, max sizes 3210 x 6000 mm, also soft coated glass

  • laminating – PVB foil – autoclave method, max sizes 2800 x 6000 mm, max weigth 1000 kg

  • silk-printing– max size 2000 x 4000 mm

  • digital printing on glass

  • roller-coating (enamelled glass), edge roller coating

  • Insulating Glass Units manufacture – from easy double IGU- s to very complex SG solutions.

The clients of AS Klaasimeister are leading glass facade manufacturers and installers, manufacturers of
various partition walls and railings in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Baltics. Export forms approximately 80%
of total production.
The raw material required for production (glass, mastics, etc.) is almost fully purchased from foreign markets.
The most important suppliers are based in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Luxembourg. The growth of
the enterprise within the last 20 years has been rapid; both production and turnover have increased.
We use glass from the largest producers in the world: Guardian, AGC, Euroglas, Pilkington

All our products are manufactured according to European Standards and have a CE mark

The company was established in 1997 in Tartu, Estonia with the purpose of producing energy-saving and good quality hole fillings for the benefit of the society’s fast development. The establishers of the company are Estonian private persons and the company is based on local private capital. It is a manufacturing company, the production department of which is situated in Harjumaa in Kose parish in Kolu village. The company employs 90 people.

More and more attention is being paid on saving energy. Energy production is continuously getting more expensive and therefore also increasing the expenses of people on energy. Due to hole fillings that
are not in conformity with contemporary standards, the heat losses are vast, and this is why AS Klaasimeister has from the moment of its establishment continuously invested in contemporary top technology
and owns the newest and state-of-the-art technology in the production
of glass units and in glass hardening. The high technological level has
enabled the company to continuously develop and renew the company’s product line with the purpose of offering customers the best solution in energy saving hole fillings.