Digi-print glass

Digitally printed tempered glass can be manufactured in a variety of
colours and patterns – monochromatic and multicoloured. The glass
is well-suited for both interior as well as outdoor use.

Digital printing on glass with ceramic inks eliminates the typical constraints
of screen printing and UV digital printing - opening new opportunities to print
on glass in ways that were never before possible.

Architects and designers can fully express their creativity and imagination
in glass and add enhanced functionality and sustainability to their designs.

Areas of application
Façades, partition walls, stair railings, doors, furniture, etc. – places where
safety and design matter.
Using digi-printed glass enables making buildings/façades more unique
and distinguished.
Various design solutions offered by different shades and patterns can be
used indoors

Ideas of using digi-printed glass can be found:



Minimum size: 400 x 200 mm
Maximum size: 3200 x 6000 mm
Thickness: 4 to 15 mm