Maintenance instructions of glass

  1. Glass panes should be cleaned on regular basis depending on the level of grease.

  2. Panes are generally to be cleaned down with plenty of clean water and with a soft leather or sponge, free from sand, dust or other foreign bodies. There is no reason why a commercially available spray cleaner may not be used as well.

  3. Usually glass is resistant to neutral or siightly acid containing cleaners. However, alkaline cleaners are dangerous to glass surface (ph level of 7 indicates neutrality, 0-6,9 stands for acid-containing liquids, and 7,1-14 for alkalines).

  4. Non-aggressive, alcohol-based solvents, such as acetone, white spirit or naphtha, followed by a wash of clean water, may be used to remove any residual glazing compound, finger marks or grease.

  5. Any paint flecks, cement splashes should be removed at once prior to the finally hardening-off of the external surface of the glass.

  6. Any attempt to deal with small, stubborn marks, by means of abrasives, scouring pads, steel wool, or with a razor blade held flat to the glass surfase. Etc., is possible – but with extreme care.

  7. On no account should cleaning of the entire surface be attempted by means of glass scrapers, etc.

  8. Information stickers are to be removed immidiately after mounting.

  9. Glass is extremely sensitive to welding marks. Sparks from welding, or similar actions will damage the glass surface permanently. Thus, works mentioned should be performed not close to any glass panes.

  10. It is not permitted to install non-transparent objects – such as black film, rib curtains, etc. – directly against the glass (especially in case of glass units); some space must be left in between, since a thermal reaction may occur, the glass may become hot and break.