CE marking

CE is derived from the words “Communité Européen”. CE indicates the conformity of the product with the European technical standards that are identified as harmonised European standards.

The CE marking is closely connected with the formation of the common European market since 1 January 1993. The CE marking as “the passport of goods” should remove border restrictions and ensure the free movement of goods in Europe. The CE marking is the common sign of conformity used by manufacturers to show that the specific product corresponds to the requirements established with the directives of the New Approach. The products that do not conform to the requirements of the directive cannot be allowed in the European market.

AS Klaasimeister produces according to EN strandards and norms:

EN 1279 - insulating glass units

EN 12150 – tempered / enamelled / silk-printed glass

EN 572 – float glass

EN 1096 - coated glass

EN 14449 – laminated glass

EN 12543 - tempered + laminated glass

Information about CE marking from glass producers


Inspection of the gas concentration of glass units pursuant to the standard EN 1279-1
AS Klaasimeister confirms that the gas concentration (argon) of glass units corresponds to the requirements specified below.
The gas concentration of the glass units tested pursuant to the standard EN 1279-1 is at least in conformity with the permitted norm of Ci = 90%.
Ten per cent of glass units tested within a five-day period are permitted a deviation in gas concentration Ci0 of up to -10% (i.e. gas concentration up to 80%).

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