Colored glass

Body tinted glasses (different colours: gray, bronze, green, blue).

Can be used in various solutions, often enables achieving a practical and stylish alternative to other materials.

Can be used for outdoor and interior solutions – helps to decrease the amount of penetrating daylight and yet
decreases the need for artificial light.

Tinted glass can be tempered and laminated. Tinted glass can be used everywhere where tinted glass is required
to create a visual effect or increase privacy. The glass also reduces UV radiation.

Tinted glass can be used in a wide variety of solutions, offering a number of benefits:

  • Helps to save energy, using it helps to control solar energy, and it provides a striking visual effect.

  • In homes or offices, tinted glass offers a practical and stylish alternative to traditional materials, if used
    for example in partition walls or furniture details.

  • Gives designers the freedom to create attractive and modern living environments that are also economical
    and easy to maintain.


In certain cases it is possible to tint glass by rolling surface coating of a certain colour on float glass – this option
is mainly used in case of soft surface solar protection glass.